Exhibition: World’s Lost Enchantment by Daria Zapala

Wasps tenant Daria Zapala brings World’s Lost Enchantment to South Block, a new exhibition of 22 oil paintings.

Originally from Poland Daria graduated from the Institute of Fine Arts, University of Opole, with a Masters in printmaking and multimedia. Recently she has returned to painting resulting in this exciting and diverse collection of works. Daria has been a Wasps tenant since 2015, and works from her studio within South Block.

Her inspiration comes from every day life. She also studies works of the old masters and follows the spiritual ways in research of symbolism. Well versed in identity of the fine arts she varies her techniques combining them into profoundly original and personal artwork. Having been trained academically, she has the ability to paint in a realistic or a representational way, but she combines these skills with decorative patterns, leaks of paint, scratched and other expressive marks, adding to or removing from the canvas depending on how she feels.

This World’s Lost Enchantment body of work is all about the beautiful things: connection, love, nature, body and mind, and life essentially. However, meaning is hidden behind symbols created by the artist to express her feelings.

Most of the viewers may simply enjoy seeing colourful butterflies, intriguing looking monkeys or swimming polar bears, but for those more interested in the story behind the creation of this series there is a lot to discover.

Join us at South Block for an opening event to celebrate this exhibition, on Friday 6th April, 6-8pm.

The exhibition will continue Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm, from 9th April – 11th May 2018.

Exhibition Opening: Friday 6th April, 6-8pm
Exhibition Continues: Monday 9th April to 11th May 2018.