though space – Louise Ritchie, Celia Garcia and Lorna Mitchell. 2 – 27th June, Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm.

thought space offers an attention to the dialogue and interactions between artists, materials and spaces: spaces that exist in both the physical and thoughtful realm.

Spaces for making, conversation, and reflection.

Occupying their own space from wall to floor to ceiling within South Block, these works present an exchange of ideas through sculpture, print, painting and installation as vehicles for creative discourse. Each piece is connected through making over time and through experimentation that expresses the individual focus of each artist. These range from incorporating objects with printmaking, to suspended rhythmic sequences, and from paint saturated sculptural forms to embedded pattern.

Louise Ritchie

Louise Ritchie is an award-winning artist exploring the hybridity of objects with a practice that includes painting, metal-casting, printmaking and ceramics as well as within her roles in arts education and collaborative projects. Louise has exhibited her work world-wide, is a Past-President of the Society of Scottish Artists and a Lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS. Louise is also currently a PhD Candidate at DJCAD/UoD.


Celia Garcia

Celia Garcia is an artist based in Glasgow exploring the everyday as an embodied reality with philosophical implications. Working across various mediums including photography, drawing and 3D, aesthetically her work often engages repetition, seriality and the multiple. A Master of Research in Creative Practices from GSA, Celia lectures in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS.


Lorna Mitchell

Lorna Mitchell is an artist whose recent work explores ways in which print and object combine as part of a practice that includes print, assemblage, drawing and sculpture. This furthers an exploration of creative communities and memory through consideration of collective and personal histories. Lorna is a lecturer in Contemporary Art Practice at City of Glasgow College/UWS.


RCW Studio: Deep Space Travel

RCW Studio is a mixed media design company run and owned by Robin Christin Wood. Already a well-established full time public artist with a long portfolio for outdoor artworks sited all over the UK, these new works are completely separate direction to his previous work.
This first solo show is a collection of works made over the last three years. Initially with a long standing background in illustration, technical drawing, sculpture and woodwork RCW Studio explores several new variations in design using new techniques and materials and now showcases a highly diverse show of mixed media art. 
The new artworks use photography, collage, stencils, paints, spray paint, recycled materials and locally soured timber. The need to produce these has been a need create artworks that reflect the world we live in with elements about the environment, human nature, politics but with as much satire as possible, as well as these there are many other pieces essentially abstract and pop art would be what best describes the bulk of the work. 
Along with sculpture and wall art for inside and out one of the major items added to this list is a new range of seating ideas as pop art furniture ideally suited to gallery/exhibition/public or private spaces which can also sit outside. Deep Space Travel Showcases just three designs made to date with several other prototypes of other variations and designs in the making and as detailed sketches. Note on show are technically 3 fully working prototypes.
As much I would love to highlight the many other public art projects, awards, articles etc from 20yrs of works I want this to be a completely new separate entity and direction.
As a completely self-taught outsider artist Robin taught himself to illustrate from childhood starting by copying arsterix and tin tin books, then influenced by likes of Escher and Foss with a love of detail as well as street art and album cover art from hypnosis and early 60’s 70’s poster art and nature which early on found a love and connection with being just outdoors especially in forests and woodland which drew me first to working with wood and the infinite possibilities that are inside a piece of timber. 
Right now I have a burning desire to design and create these new forms of artworks and this I feel is a natural progression, I have something to say about the world we live in and the love of colour, form and tactile functional art and hope you enjoy these first few pieces on show.

Susie Dalton: Personally I Would Never Do That

Date: March 3 – March 24
Time: Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, Opening Event: Thursday 3 March, 6 – 8pm

‘Personally I Would Never Do That’ is the debut solo exhibition of artist Susie Rose Dalton, winner of the Leith School of Art Wasps Award 2021. Susie’s ceramic-based art practice uses simple and thoughtful ways of working with materials to put form to tender experiences. ‘Personally I Would Never Do That’ showcases new work, taking a playful and sensitive approach to exploring the space between fixed states of being.

Dalton’s award-winning artwork ‘Flare’ will also be on show, comprised of 459 photosensitive porcelain tiles featuring irreversible records of the light in the artist’s living space over lockdown.

Movement workshop led by multi-disciplinary artist Ashanti Harris set in ‘Personally I Would Never Do That’ – Friday 11 March, 3.30-5pm

Susie Rose Dalton


Contemporary Art Practice (Leith School of Art, 2020/21), Ceramic apprenticeship (Cromarty Pottery, May – August 2017), Archaeology MA Hons 1st Class Degree (University of Edinburgh, 2014)


Emerging Artist Bursary, Visual Artists and Craft Makers Awards, Edinburgh City Council, Winner of the Leith School of Art Wasps Award 2021, 30 Under 30 Inspiring Women in Scotland 2021, Young Women’s Movement Scotland, Shortlisted for Create Award, Hearsay International Audio Art Festival 2021 (in collaboration with audio producer Katie Callin), ‘Very Special Mention’ in Miranda July’s International Covid Arts Festival 2020

Press Coverage

Featured in The Independent, The Irish Independent, and The Evening Standard

Selected Exhibitions

Visual Arts Scotland Annual Exhibition 2022, Royal Scottish Academy (January 2022), Contemporary Art Practice, Patriothall Gallery, Edinburgh (July 2021), With/Out Boundaries, St Margaret’s House, Edinburgh (April 2019)

Alisdair Dimmick: Lagoon

Exhibition Open: February 9 – February 25
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Private view: February 11, 6pm-8pm

Often dreamy, sometimes nightmarish, ‘Lagoon’ is a photographic body of work using double exposure techniques to create surreal compositions.

“It was following a trip to a family friend’s house in Crail, Fife, that I first really engaged with the technique of double exposure photography. Very shortly after my return home to Glasgow, the country was placed into its first lockdown and in the wake of this, much of my work as a Graphic Designer was put on hold. In need of a creative outlet to occupy my mind and time, I began making my own double exposures, which eventually gave rise to ‘Lagoon’, my source of solace during lockdown, and now, exhibition.

Harriet Selka: Bones

Wasps presents BONES, an exhibition from Harriet Selka at South Block.

Exhibition Open: December 17 – February 8
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Private view: December 16, 5pm-8pm

Bones is based on a collection of recently re-discovered newspaper cuttings, photographs and memories from 1995, when Harriet was front page news worldwide for breakthrough fertility preservation treatment in an infant cancer patient. Viewing these old records through the lens of today, Harriet has amalgamated the hope and celebration of the time with the pain and uncertainty of struggles that all young adults face. Many of these images have triggered memories of experiences and stories of the time in the artist’s mind.

This collection of paintings explores themes of fertility, hope, uncertainty and gender. Sometimes the work explores these themes in obvious ways, for example a literal translation of the contradiction of a page 2 article in the Daily Star on fertility preservation of an infant long before she knew the significance or meaning, with an angelic innocent photograph alongside, next to a page 3 girl in all her glory. Sometimes the themes are explored in more subtle ways, such an abstract representation of the twisted, confusing, hopeless, hopeful, celebration of the physicality of the artist. Each piece tells a different story and together the collection allows the artist to take control of her own narrative.

Artist Statement

People and the spaces they inhabit are at the core of Harriet’s artistic practice. A body movement, a vulnerable private moment, or the way someone occupies a space often inspires the beginning of a painting. She seeks to record emotion, energy and truth.

Harriet is currently exploring societal expectations of young adults through her perception of how she fits, or doesn’t fit into these conventions. Harriet is taking ownership of her narrative through these paintings.

As a survivor of childhood cancer, Harriet is acutely aware of the fragility of the human condition. There is a conflict between Harriet’s desire to evoke strong emotion and her fear of exposing herself which creates an emotive tension. The conversation created between subtlety and vigour in Harriet’s mark-making suggests a precarious sense of fragility. What is left unspoken offers space to reflect and imagine.

2021 | Figurative Art Now, Federation of British Artists / Mall Galleries | SSA Contemporary Figures, Scottish Society of Artists | Sky Portrait Artist of the Year, Series 8 contestant | Splint, studio of David Mach RA, London, UK
2020 | The Essential School of Painting Scholarship, awarded for The Bigger Picture | Harvest with West Cork Creates, Skibbereen, Ireland
2019 | Ruth Borchard Self-Portrait Prize, selected artist | Fresh Zest (Solo Show), Pop Up Edinburgh, 17 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, UK
2018 | Scottish Portrait Awards, selected artist (also selected in 2017)
2017 | Royal Scottish Academy Latimer Award, winner | @harriet.selka


Wasps presents ‘BACKSP!N’, an exhibition from Pim-Pam at South Block.

Exhibition Open: November 24 – December 13
Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm, Saturday 11am – 3pm

The second in a series of exhibitions, BACKSP!N is an exhibition inspired by table tennis, in collaboration with the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club (DTTC), a registered charity in Scotland.

The project showcases over 60 table tennis paddles designed by artists, designers and illustrators from across the UK — as well as one dedicated table design for the show. All work is available to buy via silent auction, and all proceeds go to the DTTC. 

Featuring work from:

Beautiful Materials, Craig Black, Alex Bowie, Martin Boyce, Ray Campbell Lupton, Ursula Cheng, Paul Daly, Design Weans, Caragh Docherty, Robert Donegan, Anna Dunn, Form, Freytag Anderson, Ilka, Introducing, Robert Kelsey, Jason Kerley, Stuart Kerr, KMG, Michael Mackay, Ishbel Mackenzie / Dust Studio, Roddy MacNeill, Marcus Marritt, Luke McCarthy, Ellen McLean, Jodie McLernon / Terrazzo & Titz, Rachel E Millar, Lorna Mulhern, Need, Siobhan Ogg, Ben John Oliphant, Raissa Pardini, Reuben Paris, Frank Quitely, Ashleigh Robertson, Stephen Rossi, Niall Smillie, Lana Smith, Lorraine Smith, Stckmn (Chris Wilson), Gillian Stewart – Juju Books, Braw Talent, Barry Thomson, Andy Tomlinson, Want Some Studio, Where Giants Roam, Chris Whyte, Daria Zapala

Rowena Comrie and Sarah Kudirka: ‘STOP.START’

Wasps presents ‘STOP.START.’, a joint exhibition from Rowena Comrie and Sarah Kudirka at South Block.

Exhibition Open: 4 Aug – 21 Sep
Mon-Fri, 9-5

STOP.START. brings together Rowena Comrie’s exuberant ‘alla prima’ paintings and Sarah Kudirka’s ‘trashed canvases’ – bold and colourful paintings made in markedly different ways.

Contemporary painters Rowena Comrie and Sarah Kudirka each show energy, spontaneity and tenacity in their mature work. Both work in Wasps studios and became friends while elected Council Members of the Society of Scottish Artists.

Comrie’s vivid style has given her an established presence in the Scottish art scene but it is Kudirka’s first gallery show in Scotland since moving to Glasgow.

There is marked contrast in what each does with paint, but there are evident synergies in their approach to bold colour and abstraction. Comrie with her highly-considered brushstrokes and squeegee swipes attains perfect-first-time colours and exquisite balance in her large paintings. Kudirka repeatedly obliterates surfaces already made, layering and removing colours, scratching, scraping and remaking before her images are done.

While neither is solely process-driven, elements of stop.start play a part in the methodology of both. Seen together here for the first time their work may seem to ask: does it change the destination if you have a plan, or not, for getting there?

Rowena Comrie

BA (Hons.) Fine Art, 1978-82, University of Reading. Lived in Aberdeen for 20 years, based in Glasgow since 2010

Has exhibited widely since the ‘90s, recent shows at Dean Clough, Halifax and Ivy Tech John Waldron, Bloomington, USA.

Comrie’s paintings are about the spontaneous expression of feelings tempered by the objective assessment of chance occurrences, identified in the Surrealist canon as ‘Objective Chance’. In her work spontaneity and deliberation are the keys to the creation of her painterly puzzles, where each mark is appraised with an aesthetic appreciation of potential expressive meaning. Expressive painting, where pigments are laid on in a single automatic application, places an importance on the moment by moment mood, ranging from fun to fury. Capturing in a gesture meaning born from a provocative tension balanced by colour and form.

Sarah Kudirka

BA (Hons.) Fine Art, 1986-90 & MA in Sculpture Studies, 1991, University of Leeds. The Passey Prize in Art (gained under maiden name Sarah Davenport) 1990

Lives and works in Glasgow. Exhibiting in England since the ‘90s. Project Ability Research Residency and one-day installation at Trongate103 in 2018. Most recently seen at Borders and Glasgow Contemporary Art Fairs and ArtCarBoot Glasgow presented by Patricia Fleming Gallery at SWG3.

Kudirka’s work concerns the shapes and edges of stuff all around us from cities, buildings, and furniture to objects. Her work is distinctively low-tech – characterised by obliterated, incised, scratched, scraped, layered paint. She pulls things apart and builds them back up again iteratively. Her ‘trashed canvases’ bear the marks of violent intervention but to watch her working it is evidently a joyous process – noisy and fun – and the results have a tactile softness. Works in this show on canvas, linen and surprisingly a metal table, show her return to painting at bold scale (after a decade immersed in Polaroids) with the confidence to trash her work and get somewhere entirely new.

Wasps presents ‘Futures One’ from Nick Domminney at South Block

Exhibition Open: 17 July – 1 August
Mon – Fri 9am – 5pm

Presenting the inaugural solo show of the Glasgow based Architect. Original watercolours with prints. ‘Futures One’ is “a study in horizontal lines”, derived from the artist’s childhood preoccupation with the vast horizon and constantly shifting skies of Fifeness, the ever-changing line and its articulation.

The Alternative Degree Show Festival

Wasps is proud to be supporting the Alternative Degree Show Festival: over three months of student-led exhibitions showcasing graduate artists from the Glasgow School of Art Fine Art disciplines: Sculpture and Environmental Art, Painting and Printmaking, and Photography.

The Alternative Degree Show Festival – Part 1, 27 May – 4 Jun, The Briggait 1873 Hall

The Alternative Degree Show Festival – Part 2, 7 – 13 Jul, The Briggait 1873 HallHanson Street Project SpaceSouth Block

The Alternative Degree show is a student-led initiative that will take the form of an art festival spread across a number of venues in Glasgow. Part 1 kicks off on the 27th of May with the Sculpture and Environmental Art show. In part 1, work will be shown in the Briggait, the Wash House, Woodlands Community Garden and Mid Wharf Art and Design.

There is a large variety of work such as video, performance, large scale sculpture and installation to name a few. Part 2 will take place later on the 5th of July with the Painting and Photography show.

To secure a place at Alternative Degree Show book in tickets to each venue. This booking system is in place to ensure that we keep visitors safe by staggering entry. You will find relevant information about each venue through booking.

If you have any questions about the booking process feel free to email: