Project Ability X GSA

Project ability

A show displaying the collaborative works of GSA students and Project Ability artists.

Open Tuesday the 14th of May from 1pm.

Exhibition continued until Thursday the 23rd of May.

Exhibiting artists: Michael Earll, Michael Starke, Amy Di Rollo, Harris Burnett, Jonathan Mckinstry, Issy Arnold, Susan Breckenridge, Judith Abubakar, Alison Campbell Glass, Paul Connelly, Almudena Rocca, Dylan Esposito, Richard Anderson and Simon Mcauley.





SPIN was a fundraising exhibition by Pim-Pam Creative for the Drumchapel Table Tennis Club (DTTC) that featured paddles designed by artists, designers and illustrators from across Scotland.

Based in our ground floor gallery/cafe space, the exhibition ran until 18th April 2019 with all paddles and the display table being available to purchase as part of a silent auction.

DTTC is one of the biggest clubs in

Britain, with more than 300 members aged between eight and 80 actively playing each week. A key driving force in the Drumchapel Community Sports Hub, the club plays a huge part in the development of the sport in Scotland.

Exhibition preview: Thursday 28th March, 6pm-10pm

Exhibition continues Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm, until Thursday 18th April

Exhibiting artists included:

Kirstie Addis
Greig Anderson
Craig Black
Paul Daly
Dear Green x Selected Works
Design Engineering Workshop
Diane Dawson
Anna Dunn
Ciaran Globel
Robert Kelsey
Stuart Kerr

Ishbel Mackenzie
Roddy MacNeill
Marcus Marritt
Luke McCarthy
Peter McCaughey
Ellen McLean
Reiss McLeod
Kieran McMaster
Rachel E Millar
Alan Moore

Jonny Mowat
Siobhan Ogg
Darren Osborne
Stephen Paul
Poster Project
Frank Quitely
Social Recluse
Marina Rennee-Cemmick
Paul Revie

Niall Smillie
Spectre Creative
Conzo Throb
Barry Thomson
Want Some Studio
Andrea Westwick
Allan Whyte
Chris Whyte
Shaun Woods
Daria Zapala


Vava Art Collective presents: CLASH vol.1

vava 2

What is CLASH?

A show exploring alternatives and aiming to put emphasis on world’s diversity. Depending on social variety and personal interpretations of the topic Vava Art Collective has put together an exhibition through an open call.

The first ever CLASH we dedicated to the concept of Femininity!

What is femininity? Where does it come from? Why is it there? What does femininity actually stand for and who has the right to define it? Is it a personal interpretation or rather a social construct that we agree to obey. Is it actually contrary to masculinity and do they exist without each other? Does the concept of feminine identity have a place in a conversation from a non-binary perspective? How does the idea of womanhood change regarding different cultures, generations and social backgrounds?

Ella Mackenzie
Sasha Ballon
Justyna Miśkowiec
Molly Hankinson
Neha Apsara
Debora Maité Bottino
Rosa Hackett
Anita Owsianna
Allyson Keehan
Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi
Erin Paton Smit
Maria Grazia Granati

Darae Baek
Cat Mc Clay
Éiméar Mc Clay
Maya Sundsten
Alexandra Beteeva
Daisy McManaman

Rosa Farber

FB: Vava Art Collective 

IG: @vavaartcollective

Exhibition Preview: Friday 15th March, 6-9pm with video screenings and live storytelling at 7:00PM
Exhibition continues: 18th – 23rd March, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm

Scottish Feminist Judgments Project


Exhibition Preview: Tuesday 12th February, 6-8pm
Exhibition continues: 13th – 15th of February 9am- 5pm

The Scottish Feminist Judgments Project is part of a global series that aims to imagine how important legal cases might have been decided differently if the judge had adopted a feminist perspective.

Bringing together legal academics, practising lawyers, judges, artistic contributors and representatives from the third sector, the project is a truly interdisciplinary effort to think about how laws can be made and applied in a more gender equitable way.

A multi-disciplinary selection of creative responses to individual cases, and the project as a whole, are on display to encourage interaction, confrontation and an empathetic exploration of the perceived dispassionate, inaccessible nature of the law.

Exhibiting are Rachel DonaldsonJill Kennedy-McNeillSofia Nakou – with a collaborative contribution from Becky O’BrienJo Spiller and Jay Whittaker

Terra Incognita: ‘From Her to Her’

9th November – 30th November 2018

From Her, To Her was a project created to mark the centenary of women in Britain first being given the vote. Terra Incognita worked with five groups from across Glasgow to explore the role women past and present have played in bringing about positive change on a local and national level. Workshops were co-facilitated by a group of visual artists and professional writers. Participants were supported to learn about women from Glasgow’s history who had campaigned against injustice, as well as sharing stories of women from their own families and communities who have brought about positive change. The work created by all the women involved in From Her, To Her was exhibited at South Block Gallery, Glasgow in November 2018

Created by : Castlemilk Seniors, Govan Community Project, Terra Incognita’s Young Carers Group, Saheliya, Women’s Creative Company,
with artists: Alexandra McEwan, Ruby Pester, Rachel Walker and Jen Smith,
and writers: Mariem Omari, Maryam Hamidi, Cathy Forde, Julie Brown, JC Marshall.

Beautiful Materials


Preview Friday 12th October, 6-8pm

Exhibition continues 15th October – 2nd November Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

Beautiful Materials design studio is founded by Nicola Atkinson, artist and entrepreneur.The design studio is committed to the delivery of well-conceived and sustainable objects for a lifetime of use. Beautiful Materials is where production, design and entrepreneurship meet. Its philosophy is to consider that customers are participants and not just consumers, which enables the stunning designs to be created.With this in mind, the studio never has to compromise its vision or values. Each object created is rooted in personal history that enables it to be beautiful, sustainable, and long-lasting. The pleasures of objects that last a lifetime.

Established in Glasgow October 2018.


photo credit: beautifulmaterials


The CAIM Collective: ‘An Orkney Odyssey’

CAIM Collective Publicity

Preview Friday 14th September, 6-8pm

Exhibition continued 17th September – 5th October Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

Wasps Studios and South Block were delighted to present ‘An Orkney Odyssey’, a group exhibition from the CAIM Collective.

These artists attempted to capture the Orkney land and seascapes relationship with the elements. Structure and absence are reoccurring elements in their work, as are juxtaposition and the unexpected. This exhibition brought together the disciplines of photography, poetry, printmaking and sound recording as an immersive whole which the viewer will be able to interact with.

The CAIM Collective are John CavanaghIngrid BudgeMoira Buchanan & Alastair Jackson

Cornelius Quabeck ‘Glasgow Girls and Boys’

Preview Friday 24th August, 6-8pm

Exhibition continued 27th August – 7th September Mon – Fri, 9am – 5pm

Artist Cornelius Quabeck exhbited a series of portraits that he has made whilst being based in Glasgow since January 2016.

Usually based in Dusseldorf, Wasps first met Cornelius when he did our Anna Lobner Glasgow/Dusseldorf exchange in 2010.

Whilst being based in Glasgow, Cornelius has been working on a series of paintings at home and in Glasgow Independent Studios and has also been making brush pen and black ink portraits of a multitude of new friends, artist colleagues and musicians from Glasgow’s thriving cultural scene.

Many of these portraits have been made in All That is Coffee, the café in South Block Studios and it feels very special to be able to show all these portraits together in the space before Cornelius moves back to Dusseldorf.

The exhibition ‘Glasgow Girls and Boys’ showed all 46 portraits in one place for the first time, and also created an interesting portrait as a whole, of many of those that work in Glasgow’s art scene.

“I’ve been focused on painting since I was a student in Dusseldorf in the mid nineties and couple of years ago I decided to go back to working from life.  To actually sit in front of another person and turn that moment into a portrait is a magical moment for me. I started drawing portraits in Dusseldorf but when I moved to Glasgow in 2016 I thought it could be interesting to ‘record’ the meeting of new friends, artists, musicians as drawings. The title ‘Glasgow Girls and Boys’ refers to a historic group of Scottish artists and I thought it would be a nice way of referencing a historic moment, adding a bit of balance to it and trying to create a contemporary portrait of Glasgow.”


14 12 16 Tommy

The Surfaces That Surround Us: Chris Coleman Smith

20.07.2018 – 10.08.2018

Chris Coleman-Smith is a director at Hoskins Architects, an award winning architectural practice with studios in Berlin and Glasgow.  Alongside his work as an architect Chris’s education and experience has given him an interest and enthusiasm to explore ideas in a variety of creative mediums.  Chris first exhibited when his work was selected for open exhibitions in 2008 by the Royal West of England Academy and Royal Scottish Academy, he has since gone on to exhibit in a variety of group and solo shows.

The work exhibited at South Block is a collection of pieces that use surfaces such as concrete, plaster, timber, and plastic, in different ways to capture transformational change.  Each piece has been made in response to a specific context and environment including a new work ‘all that is’, placed on the window sill.

RE: SEARCH at The Glasgow Science Festival

RE:SEARCH – a conversation between Art and Science is an exhibition by painters Jonathan Meuli and John Robertson and ceramicist Jonathan Wade. All three artists are near neighbours in the WASPS Hanson Street Studios in Glasgow.

The show took place in two Wasps gallery venues: The Briggait, (141 Bridgegate, Glasgow G1 5HZ) and South Block, (60-64 Osborne Street, Glasgow G1 5QH).

During the Science Festival there was a complementary series of events – a play workshop, and talks and discussion sessions featuring contributions by the artists and by Professors Paul Soler and Aidan Robson of the University of Glasgow and CERN.