Time Being Programme: Gardner & Gardner – From time to time

Wasps and South Block are delighted to present ‘From time to time….‘, an exhibition from Gardner & Gardner as part of Wasps ‘Time Being‘ Programme.

Our Time Being exhibitions are available to view, 24 hours a day, from street-side through the gallery windows. While we can’t allow visitors into our gallery spaces, the Time Being programme allows us to showcase some of our tenants’ incredible work.

Exhibition Open: 12th October – 1st November

‘From time to time….’, a kinetic installation by Gardner & Gardner, is a visual meditation on text found in the biblical book of Ecclesiastes. Originally written in Hebrew, sometime between the 5th and 2nd Century B.C, the ancient text lists in fourteen couplets the times and seasons of human experience. The artists have transposed the description of these times onto paper, setting them within the unifying structure and balance of a mobile, the movement of the piece causing the words to be both obscured and revealed.

Gardner & Gardner have been working together as visual artists for the last two decades. They make temporary, site-specific installations and interventions. Their work is created through a long process of consideration, distillation and paring back, involving elements of contemplation, observation and repetition of action, resulting in a simplicity of form.