Poly Chroma – Brittney Wenham

0001-51Wasps and South Block are delighted to present ‘Poly Chroma‘, a solo exhibition from Brittney Wenham.

Exhibition Opening: Friday 28th February, 6-8pm
Exhibition Continues: 28th February – 24th March

This body of work explores the ambient inner dance of the artist. By employing abstract, organic shapes and colours, Wenham layers washes of paint to conjure somatic experiences and introspection of self and sexuality. Her acute sensitivity to colour is, in part, gleaned from synesthesia; deep-rooted pain stemming from her struggles with disease provokes the recognition of these sensations as colours. Wenham is interested in unearthing this duality – beautiful, and yet agonising – in her compositions, striking a balance between peace and chaos, pleasure and pain. She is adherent to art’s faculty to transform pain into beauty and she uses the canvas as a withdrawn space for self-reflection; a means of transcending inner struggle and saturating the surface with the pursuit of the sensual.

Artist Statement

Brittney Wenham is an American abstract painter living and working in Glasgow, Scotland. At the centre of her work is a passion for process, discovery, and instinct. Her art is concerned with the perception and recollection of the sensory, with an approach suffused in intuition, responsiveness and the preoccupation for colour, texture and composition. Using an array of media including acrylic paint, spray paint, gouache, ink, pastel, and charcoal, she evokes sensual emotion in an immediate and biomorphic manner.

Wenham is interested in the connection between the inner and outer landscape, particularly as it applies to the exploration of the environments she inhabits – within her own body, in the natural world, or in the city. Nature is an enduring source of inspiration; the colours, the textures, the sheer quality of the air become permanently ingrained in memory, a visual vocabulary by which deeply personal environments are formed.