GRADVIS – Martin Irish

GRADVIS – Martin Irish

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Exhibition Opening: Friday 31st January 6-8pm
Exhibition continues: 3rd – 21st February, Mon-Fri, 9-5

Wasps and South Block are delighted to present ‘GRADVIS‘, a solo exhibition from Martin Irish. Martin Irish is an artist tenant at Wasps Inverness Creative Academy, and we are excited to showcase his first exhibition in Glasgow.

As shimmering forms become transformed by the extremes of a frozen landscape, orderly and random textures, opaque and transparent structures encapsulate this new physical geography.

This work explores the beauty of the loss of animation from liquid to a solid state found in frozen pools. Some of the work shows a subtle interpretation of this landscape while other works take a bolder more dominant role. These later pieces become deconstructed to the extent that the meaning has shifted and possible interpretation becomes multifaceted. By adding abstraction Irish attempts to increase the dynamic between viewer and painting.

With a pertinent thought process behind the work , the idea of the expected and the unexpected colliding is key, not knowing exactly the direction the piece of work in production might lead entices the artist.

Artist Statement

“My work takes me on a journey, a journey of discovery that immerses deep within myself existing as a thought, an idea. This idea can then go through many stages of development, underlying textures, the advance/retreat of paint layers. Erasing a layer of paint from a textured canvas can reveal a new direction for the work. Working in an array of media, gesso, artex, acrylic, oils, spray paint the images are created to evoke emotions in a nonlinear fashion.

Bold or subtle, each form their own conclusion; I invite the viewer to draw their own conclusion, what they see is their own personnel experience.”