Transit: An Exhibition by William Moulding

William moulding poster - part 1

Exhibition Preview: Friday 11th October, 6-8pm
Exhibition Continues: 14th October – 11th November

Wasps and South Block were delighted to present Transit, an exhibition by printmaker William Moulding.

William Moulding started his career as a Visual Arts Practitioner, working in partnership with Aberdeen City Council, Aberdeenshire Council, Peacock Visual Arts and many other establishments delivering workshops and classes to various private, community and school based projects around Aberdeen and the surrounding areas.

For the last 7 years he has been working offshore as a Hydrographic Surveyor/Engineer on various survey and construction Vessels in the North Sea and around the world. His laptop, tablets and sketchbooks become his studio while away from home.

When back on shore, William makes full use of the workshops at Peacock Visual arts, in concentrated periods of time. The drawings and ideas generated whilst away from home are starting points for work that is a celebration of colour, form, drawing and mark-making; balancing the spontaneous with order and exploiting process.


  1. The transition of the work in response to change.
  1. Periods of time spent in transit travelling to and from Vessels and through water in field.