Abstracts – Ian Macpherson and Ernesto Vaz

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Exhibition Opening: Friday 15th November 6-8pm
Exhibition continues: Monday 18th November – Friday 6th December

Wasps and South Block are delighted to present ‘Abstracts’ from Ian Macpherson and Ernesto Vaz.

Ian Macpherson and Ernesto Vaz are graduates of Glasgow School of Art currently operating out of Wasps Gallowgate Artists Studios, East Campbell Street, Glasgow. Both have long-standing involvement within the Glasgow visual art context and both are currently engaged in the production of abstract drawing, printmaking and painting.

Ernesto Floriano Vaz
“The themes and preoccupations of my recent paintings have been an exploration of the idea of the colour field, realised in a variety of painting media.

My current fascination is with the immediacy versus the subtlety of colour and its ability to express emotion and provoke response. A concept of healing with colour to promote balance, health and happiness underpins my process.”

Group and solo exhibitions include: Compass Gallery, Gallowgate Artists Studios, ScotlandArt Gallery, Glasgow School of Art

Ian Macpherson
“My current creative activity may be described as a visual manifestation and distillation of intellectual and intuitive thought, finding physical form and movement on the flat surface.

A reaching for and expression of the largely verbally inexpressible, full of concurrences and contradictions, occupying a field where potentially anything can happen, where intellect and instinct are immersed in the existential flux of becoming, disintegrating, changing.”

Group and solo exhibitions include: Fruitmarket Gallery, Talbot Rice Gallery, Glasgow Print Studio, Transmission Gallery, Glasgow School of Art


ernesto_vaz@ntlworld.com |  ian1macpherson@btinternet.com