Vava Art Collective presents: CLASH vol.1

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What is CLASH?

A show exploring alternatives and aiming to put emphasis on world’s diversity. Depending on social variety and personal interpretations of the topic Vava Art Collective has put together an exhibition through an open call.

The first ever CLASH we dedicated to the concept of Femininity!

What is femininity? Where does it come from? Why is it there? What does femininity actually stand for and who has the right to define it? Is it a personal interpretation or rather a social construct that we agree to obey. Is it actually contrary to masculinity and do they exist without each other? Does the concept of feminine identity have a place in a conversation from a non-binary perspective? How does the idea of womanhood change regarding different cultures, generations and social backgrounds?

Ella Mackenzie
Sasha Ballon
Justyna Miśkowiec
Molly Hankinson
Neha Apsara
Debora Maité Bottino
Rosa Hackett
Anita Owsianna
Allyson Keehan
Marjian Tsatsaros Tyagi
Erin Paton Smit
Maria Grazia Granati

Darae Baek
Cat Mc Clay
Éiméar Mc Clay
Maya Sundsten
Alexandra Beteeva
Daisy McManaman

Rosa Farber

FB: Vava Art Collective 

IG: @vavaartcollective

Exhibition Preview: Friday 15th March, 6-9pm with video screenings and live storytelling at 7:00PM
Exhibition continues: 18th – 23rd March, Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm