Wasps’ Studios present the work of renowned Peruvian lettering artist and designer Elliot “Túpac” Urcuhuaranga at South Block, his first solo exhibition in the UK.  He presents a series of traditional Chicha posters screen-printed from free hand stencils in fluro-inks, as well as a number of customised traditional objects showcasing his unique style.

Chicha Posters are screen-printed on newsprint paper using fluorescent colours. The typography contrasts with the black background and is intended to resemble “Quechua Wanka” textiles from the Huancayo area of the Peruvian Andes. The bright colours used are inspired by the vibrant colours found in the Andean landscapes and wildlife. The designs are drafted by hand and with extraordinary skill each layer of colour is the result of a hand-cut paper stencil. The resulting posters are intensive, fluorescent and ubiquitous and have become an integral part of Peru’s urban identity. Chicha is not just a movement, but an aesthetic revolution. It is a collective movement with countless contributors reflecting dramatic social transformations that are reconfiguring the way westernised Latin America understands society.


Tupac’s work has been shown all over the world including Rio Negro University in Patagonia, Argentina; Pixelations 2013 in Cordova, Argentina; and in the Fundación Estándar Bank collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has travelled extensively around Latin America, offering workshops and undertaking significant advertising campaigns such as “Benditos Botines” for brand Puma for the Argentinian National team in the Brazilian World Cup 2014. He has also received commissions for magazines such as “Somos”, weekly supplement of El Comercio Peruvian newspaper and the British magazine Creative Review.

This exhibition is sponsored by Wasps’ Studios, School of Modern Languages of Newcastle University, ¡VAMOS! Festival, D8 and the Peruvian Embassy in London.

Produced by Ursula Cox