THE POWER OF ZA : Natalia Palombo / Pidgin Perfect

In its 20th year of democracy, South Africa is brimming with innovation in the arts, producing a creative scene that is transforming society through storytelling.

Few countries have had to heal divides as deep as the ones created under apartheid, but through creativity and innovation, South Africans are bridging the divides and transforming lives.

And a new generation is emerging. Distanced from the political struggle of apartheid but living with the legacy of that time, a new generation of South Africans are using their ideas and energy to forge new identities and imagine new futures.

Through documenting their creative ideas and innovations on film, they create the potential to export their stories globally. Irreverent of mainstream Western narratives they are capturing contemporary culture in South Africa whilst imagining new African futures.

The Power of ZA was an official World Design Capital 2014 project conceived by African arts producer Natalia Palombo and the creative studio Pidgin Perfect in collaboration with the British Council’s Connect ZA project.

In May 2014, Natalia Palombo and Dele Adeyemo (Pidgin Perfect) travelled to South Africa to produce a festival of film, storytelling and design. Through a programme of film screenings, workshops and public discussions, they engaged with over 25 creative practitioners working across film, performing arts, visual art and architecture & city-making, to consider the role that film and design-thinking has in interdisciplinary practice in Johannesburg and Cape Town. An exhibition at South Block documents these events and interviews, relaying a plethora of innovative ideas captured during the scoping trip.

Image Credits : Natalia Palombo